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How to repair the bumper.
Any driver, sooner or later, may face the challenge of repairing the bumper or plastic weight. The cases are different, somewhere hugged the fence, jumped at the curb, came up against the wall of the garage, do not need to worry, maybe you do not need to buy a new bumper. Main try to collect the maximum number of fragments on your bumper or body kit and read these instructions. 


Originally need to remove the bumper or body kit, which you need to repair. Then you need to understand the composition of the material with which you have to work, ie vehicle model and, as a consequence, the chemical composition of the material bumper. 
By brand vehicles can determine whether to repair the bumper, this means of welding, or whether it be to sew and glue. For example: bumper kit for Mercedes in the 140th body "rubber" - meaning they need to glue. Ford's or Opelevskie to cook. But on a more or less new Opel Omega are two types of bumpers, which have to cook and who - to sew. To find it necessary to look at the inner side of the bumper. This is where the formula stamped with symbols of PP, EPDM, and the like. 

Strongly delve into the chemical composition are not going to divide the types of bumpers on the rubber (rubberized), which are installed on most vehicles, VAZ and easily repairable. Rubber bumper repaired is difficult because the material is present in the propylene, which does not allow quality weld bumper. 

Tools to repair the bumper. 

For the production of repairs to the bumper, above all, to well lighted and heated space with established bench. From tools to repair the bumper, we will need an electric soldering iron (40 to 60 Watts), an industrial dryer, knife sharpener, which is useful in the preparation of the electrode, screwdriver (flat), scissors (preferably metal, is not very large). In order to glue the bumper should have: an awl, a piece of rope to tie the broken parts, fiberglass, and sometimes uglemat, rivet gun to install and, accordingly, the rivets themselves (in the repair of bumpers in the parts that allow it to do, or the repair internal brackets), and, of course, glue. It is not necessary to conduct experiments with glue, no need to use the glue from the market, as a result of this will lead to a waste of time and money. For bonding the bumper is better to use (for each case are different adhesive compounds) epoxy resins having a composition of certain additives and ingredients (always fresh and not exposed to freezing), and polyester resin, with the same components. Glue should be fresh, better than directly from the factory, in an amount which will be needed for repairs. 

Technology bumper repair 

Let's get started, to start with the simplest: to weld the bumper. 
Repairable bumper lying on the table and estimate the volume of work. Originally need to pick up electrode. Many felt that if the bumper is brewed, then absolutely any material, but in fact, more competent you'll pick up the electrode, so durable and strong to be welded seam. All we have seen the bumper repaired so profuse in his painting, in carrying out preparatory work for painting. In this case, the electrode is smeared on the bumper, not welded to it. Sometimes there are the bumper, which at first glance, it is impossible to cook. Initially, try it, weld a bumper to himself, cut a small piece, the inside of the bumper and try to weld it back. In any case, you must use a homogeneous material, look at the structure of repaired bumper and cut a piece for the electrode of the same bumper. Sometimes it's hard to find the desired electrode, in which case it becomes necessary to conduct experiments with materials that you have. There are cases that are suitable for repair even the old car grid. Since the electrode we finished, we move on. Should be carefully smooth out the repaired weld from contamination and possible paint coatings. Sting heated soldering iron, pre styanuv parts, welded to bumper, walk around the seam to both sides of the weld a little, and formed depression in the ground along the length of the welded seam. The size of the hollows cut electrode, process it in the wine press, that he was triangular in section. In the process of welding, the resulting edge of the electrode is immersed in the hollow of the soldering iron, this increases the area of the welded surface, and as a consequence, the strength suture. Start the electrode is better to sharpen as the needle, which will facilitate the beginning of welding. Take a hair dryer, turn it into a socket, set the temperature of the work within 200 - 300 C. Attach the sharp end of the electrode in the beginning of the seam and start to weld, placing the electrode in the prepared hollow. At the end of the seam, Turn several times around its axis electrode without removing the hair dryer at the same time, the electrode detaches and, while it's hot, take a screwdriver and neatly razmazhte tip. If the seam has torn pieces, not large, about 3 - 6 mm, in this case, you can use a flat electrode. If you cooked on the outside of the bumper, then the resulting seam is necessary to process the Bulgarian. If the repaired spot on the bumper formed mound, you can warm up the place from inside the hair dryer and press in place on the mound. This same method can be used and when was not damaged paint on the bumper, but the strain still appeared. Applying this method of welding can easily be repaired almost any plastic surfaces, grills, body kits and so on. 

Repair bumper with gluing. 

To begin, consider repairing rubber bumpers. If the repaired spot a gap in the bumper there are bumps or holes, then started to level the surface, heating up the hair dryer bumper on the inside, but do it very carefully, do not squeeze much out, since the upper hand will be superimposed layer of glue and fiberglass. The next step should be glued smooth out the surface so that they fit snugly as possible to each other, may need to make some effort to steal them. In this case, a good heat, download and hold the glued parts or make the cut a little further and you clean edge. Joining the bumper, do not attach too much effort, or bumper may be curved in a place of repair, and have problems with the shape of the bumper. After fitting all the parties need to make holes for sewing thread of the bumper at a distance of about 3-5 mm from the edge of the seam on both sides. For the matching bumper used synthetic thread diameter up to 1 mm. Of the requirements for a thread, you can include the following: it must be strong enough to withstand the efforts at tightening parts are not melted under the influence of glue, do not slip when tightening the knot. This thread can be selected and purchased at any store that sells fabrics and accessories. When the holes are ready, make a groove between them, so the thread can be put in them, and she did not come above the general level of the bumper. This is done in order not to damage the seam, with further clean-up bumper. Grooves should be done from hole to hole and continue diagonally to the next. Stitched seam at one end thread, and the other at the same time be positioned along the seam. In the early suture thread tied to the first hole, with one end of the stack along a seam, and the second beginning to sew, prodevaya it in the hole, while tied with thread, pass through the holes in the other end, which lies along the seam. The essence of this process in a dense screed on both ends of the threads to the bumper, making the joint strong and not give the possibility to unravel bonded bumper. After going through all the holes, simply connects both ends of the filament in a knot. Do not forget to pack the same thread with the outside of the bumper in the prepared groove, and the seam and nodes will be located on the inside. Similarly, you can insert a torn piece of the bumper, it is desirable only to simplify the form of this piece, for easy and sturdy mounting. As a result, we have sewn bumper. Now you need to degrease the surface and can take up glue. Clay will use epoxy and polyester resins. Resin is much more expensive, so we will use it only where appropriate, this is often bumper fiberglass. Epoxy glue is more simple, very well applied, together with a plasticizer. At the fortress, especially there where not get to put a thick layer, epoxy adhesive inferior polyester resin. If a bonded place bumper is the motive power, it must strengthen its attaching metal inserts. Prepare the glue, mixing it with the hardener in proportions, take a glass fiber, cut into small pieces, and it is better to tear the skin and a good mix with the prepared paste. You get a thick mass, which both need to impose on the seam. If you want to paste in power, then it is better to take a solid piece of fiberglass and fully saturate it with glue. The process of pasting the amplifier is as follows: applied a thick layer of adhesive mass, it is pasted power, and top superimposed solid piece of glass impregnated with glue. Make sure that between the layers nor lead to bubbles, as the seam could burst at this point. First processed glue the inner surface of the bumper, let dry out, and then turning the bumper, fresh adhesive plaster outside. It dries the glue for about 15 hours at room temperature, so do not hurry to skive it, it must be evenly and completely cool. There is desirable to use heating elements for drying the adhesive, as this can lead to rapid drying of the upper layer, under which the remains uncured adhesive, which has never dried up, because the top layer will undertake a solid film, and will not allow air to the inner layers. And as a result, all work carried out will Smarck and will need to start all over again. If the repaired bumper is missing some pieces, then lay down fiberglass layers to obtain the required thickness, outside bumper hole is desirable to close the carton, to fiberglass is not sunk. After bumper dry cleaning can be done. 
Important to remember that, after stripping the upper layer of the adhesive is removed, and it is exposed to moisture, which leads to its destruction, so either do not clean the bumper, if it is in such condition will be installed on the car, either immediately after stripping paint it. 
That such is not very complicated way possible to repair the bumper almost home.
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